About Niche

Because of the constantly growing distancing between one another, customer service, closeness and togetherness is slowly becoming a Niche. Another definition of the word Niche is to find a comfortable and suitable position in life.
At Niche Mosman we want to be a restaurant that focuses on togetherness which is so hard to find, while being the ultimate comfort zone, suitable for every occasion.

Breakfast, Lunch, Asian Tapas Menu, Bar

  • Breakfast/Lunch Menu

    Our breakfast/lunch seasonal menu at Niche is inspired through the organic, fresh and locally sourced ingredients. The difference is in our attention to detail, use of fresh ingredients to combine into an plate of exciting comfort food.

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  • Asian Tapas Dinner Menu

    Niches dinner menu is inspired by Asian street/bite size dishes, utilising locally sourced, organic ingredients again depending on the season. Asian Tapa's dishes are typically full of flavor and excitement, an explosion of flavor each bite is to be expected.

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  • Beverage Menu

    In the Australian beverage culture, the wine, spirit or beverage you select, almost defines your character and the mood you're in. At Niche, we hope you find comfort in the new and uncharted.

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